Tips for Creating a Powerful Vision Board

As we begin to daydream about our New Year’s resolutions and goals it is important to have an impactful way to hold your visions to bring them to life, and while there are a few different ways of doing this I have found the most success in a powerfully put together Vision Board. Powerfully put together is the key phrase here though, because we all know sometimes we can have really weak experiences in trying to use a vision board. So before you put off creating your own this New Year’s because of past experiences I have some tips on how to make your vision board worth your time and energy, and how to make you vision board work for you.

I recently made my own vision board for the coming New Year and I was able to take one of my goals off of my board in less than 3 days. So how can you get a similar success with your own vision board? It all starts with understanding yourself, and what is going to raise your energy while going after your goals.

Honor What Inspires You Most ~

It is important to incorporate into your vision board the elements that your brain and personal processing will become motivated and inspired most by. Are you visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? Can you multitask easily or do you need something more organized and strategic so that you can laser focus onto one goal at a time?

I personally am a pretty comfortable multitasker and I have a thing for vibrant aesthetically pleasing images. I also adore writing so I combine impeccable (in my opinion) images with my own handwriting’s of what my goals are. I know how that will affect my mood and my energy toward my goals and I know that is what will help me to accomplish things faster and more powerfully. Getting clear and concise on how you can arrange or create your vision board with intention and high energy is an important key in beginning a powerhouse of a vision board.

Speaking of clarity, many of us can have a tendency to send our Higher Power mixed messages, and we do this to ourselves too. Our brains won’t do well trying to focus on releasing stress and taking on a ton of new projects at the same time.

Clarity ~

So we have to have extreme clarity on what we want, when we want it, and how we are going to get it. Sometimes the ‘How I’m going to get it’ part can be a little less detailed just to give space for obstacles and different methods of making something happen. Knowing what you really want is so important though. Clipping out pieces of magazines can be great and inspiring, but where is the intention in those clippings? Hand crafting your vision board tailored to you and exactly what you want to bring into your life will be much more powerful than inspirational quotes and ideas.

Along with clarity comes a more refined vision to hold with your vision board. Let’s take that another step further and refine it even more.

Detail ~

Though they may seem small, the little details are the finishing touches of a powerful picture. So make you goals and visions detailed. This is where I need clear and vibrant photos, my writing is good for me to read everyday, but those pictures help me immensely in holding a strong and detailed vision. Once you find out what you need to strengthen and refine your vision so that you can hold it even more clearly incorporate those aspects into your vision board. Your vision board can not work for you as powerfully as you may want if it isn’t going to work with your brain properly or impactfully. This is where visual, auditory, and kinesthetic preferences can be really helpful.

Now we begin creating our vision boards, making them a physical tangible vision that is uniquely inspiring and maybe even sexy to you. The next part is the most fun in my opinion.

Focus + Action ~

Inspiration is always a good thing, but I’ve personally learned that if it’s not followed by dedicated action and clear focus I begin feeling disconnected from my visions becoming reality and all forward motion stops. I think many of us have had very similar experiences with our vision boards in this regard. Like I mentioned before, I can multitask pretty fairly so for me focusing powerfully on 2 or maybe 3 big goals is okay and doesn’t mess up any of my flow.

This is why knowing how your own brain processes things best is important. If you know you can’t multitask efficiently (which is not a bad thing) then do not try and pour your energy into more than 1 big goal at a time or you run the risk of draining yourself and becoming uninspired with your goals. Or if you can focus on 3 big goals and pour your energy evenly into all 3 (or whatever reasonable number that is for you) then by all means go for it! You might have better success that way.

Focus is cool, focus on that vision as powerfully as you can manage. It it also incredibly important to include action in your focus. Whether or not you believe in the Law Of Attraction is irrelevant, our goals do not just appear for us like we often wish (though some may occasionally and that is a really cool thing when it does happen), action is detrimental to your vision board working for you. Focus and action should be equal partners in the dance that is achieving your goals. Use them synergistically and both your vision board and you will be an abundantly fruitful team.

There are many different modes and methods of creating a vision board, many different layouts and techniques. The most important thing to remember when creating a powerful vision board is following your intuition and clarifying your vision. There is no need to alter anything on your vision board because of the way someone else’s looked unless you know that it will uplift your vision and inspire your focused actions.

Happy visualizing!

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