Band on the Rise, Bad Reed, Release New Single ‘Stained Glass’ (Review)

bad-reedI’m a fan of obscure gems. Bad Reed is one of them, but I doubt obscurity will be a word listeners can apply to them for long. In one sentence: Rock & Roll isn’t dead. Bad Reed has a ‘70s sound classic rock fans can get behind, with enough of a modern twist to appeal to radio. Their most recent single, “Stained Glass,” opens with a bass riff that, at risk of sounding slightly hyperbolic, could have come straight off Zeppelin’s “Led Zeppelin II.” The single is a solid musical composition that also explores areas of funk, the celestial sounds of the ‘80s, and a DIY vibe reminiscent of the earliest days of grunge. Any listener can grasp that they’re a multi-influenced band, but those influences come together in a
superbly cohesive way. Lead singer Sydney Sollazzo’s vocals are strong, emotive, with a tone that, much like the band’s instrumental work, gives her a genre-bending edge. Bad Reed is a band with a clear sonic vision that leaves one intrigued (and a little impatient) to hear a full LP.

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The grunge influences come through heavily in the music video for “Stained Glass” (filmed and edited by KingsWorth Films).  While the plotline gets a little muddled, the video spotlights Sollazzo, as well as her vocals, while also highlighting the talented musicians supporting her – Austin Sharpe on bass, Graham Walker on guitar and effects, and Costa Chatzis on percussion.

The most dynamic thing about Bad Reed is they don’t really sound like anything we’re hearing right now, as much as they sound like what a lot of self-proclaimed audiophiles miss from decades past, and they have their vast influence to thank for that. Bad Reed will be an interesting and enjoyable band on the rise to watch.


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