How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Many of us know that gratitude is such a beautiful and powerful thing. Some don’t know that it is also a strongly potent and equally simple mindfulness practice that can change lives should one allow it to. It can start as a tiny and impulsive little practice and grow into an awareness and mindfulness within all areas and aspects of life that brings abundant positivity to the surface of reality.


What we focus on is what persists and continues to realize. By beginning a practice of gratitude your perspective and focus will gradually shift, either from negativity to positivity and abundance, or from positivity and abundance to a deeper understanding and awareness of positivity and abundance. Many of us know how great of a reality check turning to being grateful can be, but how do we make this a practice and how can it benefit our life so heavily?

As I mentioned before, beginning can be as simple as impulsively taking note of your own gratitude for something day to day. This could be a purely mental list or it could become a journal if you prefered. Just having the intention to hold more gratitude within your day will open up space for you to take note of what you are grateful for within your day. When you hold this intention consistently the practice grows substantially and life seems to become brighter each day.

The cool thing is that life is likely becoming increasingly positive from your practice! As you more actively focus on the positives and beauties within your life you will begin creating positive energy within yourself, making you feel brighter, and you will also be curating a continuous energy of positivity, allowing more positive occurrences to arise each day. While I personally haven’t done this, I am sure that if you practiced gratitude consistently you could move from depression into abundance and happiness quicker than you may think.

Focusing on gratitude can pull us away from stress and overwhelm and bring us back into our heartspace, it can pull us out of anger, frustration, and scarcity too. Gratitude is a powerful reminder of how we do in fact have everything we need in this moment, how whatever we’re stressing about doesn’t need to be stressed about, and how whatever we are angry/frustrated about is not a productive place to focus our energy and time.

Beginning a practice of gratitude can bring you out of the dark or the upset and into the light and abundant in such a simple and potent way. Continuing such practice will only deepen and strengthen those roots of gratefulness and understanding of what is truly important within each moment.

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