Voters Pay Tribute to Susan B. Anthony on this Historical Election Day

Since early voting began in October, people have been making a pilgrimage to the grave site of Susan B. Anthony. Hundreds have flocked to the woman’s rights activist’s plot to place their “I Voted” sticker on her headstone. The grave is a known haunt during election time but this special tribute was sparked by Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency — something that might not have been possible without Anthony’s fight.


Susan B. Anthony was a leading activist in the 19th century against slavery and for women’s rights. In 1872, she was arrested for voting and was ordered to pay a fine (of which she never did). Anthony died 14 years before the 19th amendment was passed, which has become known as the “Susan B. Anthony amendment.” This allowed all people the right to vote, no matter their gender.

The line to see Susan B. Anthony’s grave wraps around twice with an air of peace. The cemetery is even extending their operating hours to accommodate all those who have come to pay respect. It’s an important historical landmark on a historical day for women. All the hard work of Anthony and the other women of the movement was not in vain, and a sign placed by her grave is a perfect parting sentiment: “Sisters, grab the wheel!”


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