Chelsea Handler and Netflix Continue to Bring “Girl Power” to Subscribers

This Wednesday’s (10/26) episode of Chelsea is full of girl power. The always blunt and funny Chelsea Handler welcomed singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, actress and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra, and Utah senate hopeful Misty K. Snow.

The fast paced Netflix original streams in 190 countries and has recently been signed for a second season with 20 episodes left in the first. Each episode hits on trending topics with quick wit and straight shooting opinions. Inspirer had the honor of being invited to the taping and was left feeling empowered by the guests Handler interviewed.


Meghan Trainor was the first guest to be welcomed on stage by Handler. Trainor discussed what life is like having a boyfriend since becoming a Grammy winner and how it has affected her songwriting. The Nantucket native recently released her second album ‘Thank You” to much praise, and will be kicking off a short winter tour beginning November 29 in Dallas, TX.

Handler’s second guest, actress and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra, shared a few  thoughts on her upcoming movie “Baywatch,” in which she stars alongside Zak Efron and Dwayne Johnson. ‘Time” magazine named Chopra — the former Miss World winner — one of the 100 most influential people in 2016. In the episode she also discussed what it’s like for her working in both India’s film industry and here in the states. Chopra’s work ethic is certainly not something to question. She works four to five days a week here in the United States and works the weekends in India. Philanthropy is also an important part of Chopra’s life. She has been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 2001 and advocates for woman’s rights, focusing on the pay gap that still plagues our nation.

Wrapping things up was Utah Senate hopeful Misty K. Snow, who made a stop to talk about her campaign. If elected by Utah residents, Snow will be not only the first millennial to hold a senate position,  she will also be the first transgender woman. Handler asked Snow if it was difficult being a trans woman running in a known religious state, but with such hot button issues accruing in our nation, Snow hasn’t been discouraged to continue her campaign. Focusing on LGBT and environmental issues, Snow hopes to bring a fresh outlook to Utah politics.

You can catch this episode of Chelsea and many others streaming on Netflix every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

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