Missi Pyle: Being a Mother, Actor, and Singer

Missi Pyle is a household name in the movie business. She has been a part of many projects and acted in cult hits like ‘Galaxy Quest,’ ‘Dodgeball,’ and ‘Gone Girl.’ The Houston born Pyle took her love of watching TV and turned it into a shinning acting career. If you’re an avid film watcher, you’ve seen Missi Pyle. Pyle also spread her creative wings in to the music scene, forming a “desert country-rock” band with Shawnee Smith.

The best role of Pyle’s life is one she recently landed — being a mother. We caught up with Missi Pyle to talk about acting, her music, and the journey she took to become a mother.

You have been involved in a lot of great projects, what made you want to pursue acting?

I’ve been doing it for so long but I watched a lot of TV as a kid. I just wanted to know what it was like. It’s when I saw a poster for a play in high school that I thought I’d give it a go. I fell in love with acting and musicals. After school, I got an agent right away. They would send me on every type of audition. Commercials, plays, voice over, soaps — just everything.

Is there one project that tops the cake for you?

That’s a really hard question to answer because I’ve been a part of some great projects. My favorite theatrical project would probably be ‘The Libertine.’ It was such a surreal experience to be six months out of drama school and to be sharing the stage with Rosamund Park and John Malkovich was amazing. Also, working on ‘Galaxy Quest’ was great. Both were really great experiences all around.

‘Pandemic’ is a movie that is usual for you to be in, what was it like acting through the hazmat suits?

When you say yes to a project like that you’re like, “Yes! Zombies!” I was excited for the part but then I realized I had to wear this giant hazmat suit all duct taped up. It was actually nice because you couldn’t use your phone at all. So, we had to actually talk and enjoy each other. I loved working with Rachel Nichols and the rest of the cast. We filmed a lot of it in what used to be an old boy’s school. It was all creepy and abandoned. It’s amazing what they were able to create on such a low budget.

Was this the first ‘Point of View’ movie you’ve done?

Oh, yes. For sure. It was challenging but so fun.

You also have a music career, how did you get into music?

Well, I had just shot a pilot with Shawnee Smith and she asked me what is something I always wanted to do. I had finished writing music for a comedy show and told her  I’ve always wanted to be in a band. She goes, “I’ll be in a band with you!” So we started recording out in the desert, but we had never sung together. It sounds crazy, but we made a beautiful album. She wrote a few songs, I wrote a few songs, and we collaborated on a few. I had a blast doing it. We didn’t even make any money doing it, maybe $500. It was so fun though.

Will there be more music from you?

I’m going to release another batch of songs soon. A lot of break up songs.

Life changed drastically for you recently, you adopted a baby. Congratulations!

Thank you! I tried for a very long time to have a child, four miscarriages — just had my heart broken so many times. I kept thinking, how am I going to do this? And when IVF didn’t work, I looked into adoption. I had thought about adoption before, but wanted to try having one myself. The meeting discussing adoption was life changing and I moved forward. I was matched with a birth mother in her third trimester. It’s been a beautiful and incredible journey. It’s really intense but I couldn’t love anything more than I love this child. Even if she had come from my own genes.

That’s beautiful.

In this business, we are so concerned with am I too heavy, too skinny, young, old? It’s nice to not think about any of that and take care of someone else.

Do you have any advice for our audience?

You have to put yourself out there and keep going. I probably shot 200 pilots before I landed one. It’s important that if you don’t get something, yes it’s sad, but there will be something you get. You just have to keep trying. If it’s something you really want, do everything you can to get it. Be positive and believe in yourself.  


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