Michelle Beadle: Being a Woman in Sports Reporting

The Texas native Michelle Beadle has always made waves wherever she went. Currently serving as co-host on ESPN 2’s ‘SportsNation,’ she has been one of only a few women working in sports media. She began a path into politics before landing a chance to intern with the San Antonio Spurs. The strong willed Beadle is proof that hard work gets you to the top.

Recently, Beadle dealt with a firestorm of sexism while on the ESPY Awards red-carpet. Sports fans flocked to social media to comment on the low cut style of the gown. Many comments were rude and lewd. However, Beadle stood strong and didn’t let that stop her from continuing to be a top host in sports.

She has hosted many sports shows, across many outlet and broke down the stereotype of women not being a key voice in the sports world. Shortly after “ESPY gate,” we spoke to Beadle about the choice to leave school, sexism, and how everyone should be ready to hear the word “no.”

Sports is quite a change in career from politics, how did you make that jump?

It was never part of a plan, I had always played sports and was a fan. After I left school, it was about three years later, I was at my parents home just floating. I call it floating. I think my parents were a little worried because I really had no clue what I was going to do. I went from being the “over-achieving nerd” to having no direction. I sat with my parents and my father suggested I meet with a friend of his who was a San Antonio Spurs executive. I went in with no real intentions, mostly I went for my father. I think he thought I would get the lecture he didn’t want to give me. I let there and still didn’t know what I should do. However, I was put in contact with the production department and talked my way into an unpaid internship. I wasn’t even enrolled at the time. Through it all, it gave me the ability to land my first gig. Just by luck I enjoyed working on television,. I now can’t imagine doing anything else.

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