Gypsy Warrior: How Two Best Friends Created a Cult Brand For Aesthetes

Go to almost any music festival today and you’ll be hard pressed to not spot at least a handful of girls in Gypsy Warrior fare. The brand has built a cult following for its eclectic, hand-curated collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for vintage-loving rock and roll girls.

Founded as an online store in 2010 by creative director Nicla DiCosmo and brand director Michel Bezoza, Gypsy Warrior offered bohemian, rock-chic clothing and accessories that fashion influencers like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were reviving, but at affordable price points. The brand practically exploded overnight, and opened its first brick and mortar store a year later in Ridgewood, N.J. and expanding to brick and mortar a year later.

Since then, the brand has grown to more than a million followers on social media and expanded its collection to include popular capsule lookbooks inspired by iconic rock and roll aesthetics like Almost Famous, the ‘90s riot grrrl scene, and Stevie Nicks. We caught up with co-founders DiCosmo and Bezoza to talk about fashion, running your own business, and inspiration.

How long have you been working in fashion?

ND: Since I was born! Fashion has been a very important part of my life since a very early age, and expressing myself through my clothing has always been my preferred method of expression. Professionally, I have been working in fashion for about 10 years.

MB: Five years — since we started Gypsy Warrior.

What did you do before Gypsy Warrior?

ND: I started my career as Assistant Art Director at a major modeling agency in NYC after I graduated college.

MB: I had a small t-shirt brand, made jewelry, and ran a local spa.

What inspired you to create Gypsy Warrior?

ND: What inspired Gypsy Warrior was the thought of making the perfect closet for edgy, unique girls — girls who wanted to stand out from the crowd. I spent my entire life curating my personal wardrobe from thrift stores, my mom’s closet, and the occasional mall store. Gypsy Warrior is a one stop shop for all those things at an affordable price point.

MB: I wanted to hang out with my best friend every day and create something that didn’t exist already in the market.

What is the meaning behind the name, and who is the Gypsy Warrior girl?

ND: The Gypsy Warrior is the concoction of free-spirited adventure, dive bar frequenting, vintage vinyl collecting, music obsessed, fashion lover. The name comes from the balance between the the boho Gypsy and the rock and roll Warrior.

MB: She’s adventurous, edgy, independent, and wide-eyed to the world around her. She always has her finger on the pulse while still marching to the beat of her own drum.

To read our full interview with the women of Gypsy Warrior, order Inspirer’s fall issue here!

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