Eunice Omole Wants You to Say “Hello Africa”

U.S. born Nigerian, Eunice Omole is the top producer, host, and businesswoman in Nigeria media. After earning multiple degrees from some of the leading Ivy League schools, Omole went on to create a media company and hit show called ‘Hello Africa.’ Many say she is following in Oprah’s footstep by confronting equal rights issues and demanding action. All done with charm and strength.

The media company she formed to help change the way media portrays Africa by dispelling stereotypes. She was executive producer for top African television shows ‘Africa’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs” and ‘FootPrints.’ Omole has the brains and the drive to create success out of all she does by continuing to raise positive awareness for Africa and it’s people.

What choices brought you to being the top African media executive?

It’s been an incredible journey. I moved to New York after going to the University of Virginia for Economics and from there I went to Corning for Real Estate. I traveled around for a while doing that until I decided to go back and earn my MBA. But I put that on hold to do a reality show called ‘The Apprentice: Africa.’ That’s where I was exposed to media and chose to focus on learning about media. I stayed in Nigeria for a couple years before going back to New York City. While back in the city I enrolled at Columbia to study media and journalism.

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