Gina Field Explores Modern Relationships with “Do Over”

Gina Field is a Los Angeles native who grew up sitting on movie sets, watching the ins and outs of the biz. That was when the bug bit and Fields knew this was the path for her. Writing, acting, directing and producing — she does it all. With a few projects in the works, we caught up with Gina to discuss “Unscrewed,’ her new movie “Do Over” and how important it is to represent all types of people in film.

How did you get involved in Hollywood?

Oh, that happened a long time ago. I grew up in LA so I always had friends in the industry — I would hang out on the sets of different television shows. I never really got into it until I was in Jr. High, I think I did my first serious play then and fell in love with it. Here in LA we are lucky enough to have a great high school, the LA County High School of the Arts, it was so incredible to be able to get into that school and it set me on this path. It started with theater mostly, then doing more television as I got older.

You are involved in a new show that’s still in production called “Unscrewed.” Can you tell us a little about it? 

It’s a cool new show coming out soon. It focuses on this girl who has an alcohol addiction and I play one of her cousins. This show is still in the early stages but it’s been a fun process working on that.

It touches on a lot of issues such as sexuality and family drama.

Yeah, I’m excited about it, I think once it comes out people are going to love it. There isn’t really anything out there that tackles the issues it does.

What was the inspiration for your movie “Do Over?”

It’s funny because I wrote the story after a trip to the hair salon. I was listening to a story from the guy doing my hair and he was saying about how he had gone home and hooked up with the girl he had lost his virginity to. I thought that was a hilarious concept and hadn’t heard about a movie around that idea. And today with social media and the way people look up exes, I thought that would be good jumping off point. So, I put the story together and reached out to a friend of mine, who was a child actor growing up and does some directing — I thought this would be fun for him. He put me in contact with a great producer and writer who helped me put the story together. I just wanted it to have an authentic LA vibe since I’m from there. So, we tried to include places that people from LA would know.

It must be exciting seeing the project come together so well.

It was such an awesome experience. And being a part of this business for a while, it’s nice to be the creator of the project. You can call on people you know would be great for the parts. What I’m really proud of how all the women and men come from different backgrounds and shapes and sizes. It’s hard, even in a film with diversity, you don’t get women that you would see out on the street, or in a cafe, or bookstore. I wanted “normal” people represented. Women don’t have to fit in a little box. I think it’s so important to have all kinds of women represented in film. And they are usually there to support the men, especially in comedies. I really wanted to do something that the women would shine just as much as the men. 

Do you think you will continue to write more films?

Yes, I have a couple of other scripts that I’m working on right now. Since I was able to get “Do Over” off the ground, I can focus on the other projects. I have a television show developing right now that I’m excited about. The fun thing for me is, I don’t think I’ll stick with just comedy. I didn’t think of it at the time but people would keep telling me how great it was that I was able to get my first film not only made and completed but to actually get distribution is awesome. I just think it’s good to go with your gut.

What advice do you have for those who struggle to follow their dreams?

I’ve had time to think about it and think mostly just to believe in yourself and try to learn from everyone you come in contact with. Also, be that person that others can turn to for help.

To stay up to date with Gina Field follow her on Twitter @GinaField and Instagram @gina_field.


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