7 Habits Of An Organized Boss Lady

Today, the term boss lady has become an extremely popular label to use. But, what does it exactly mean to be a boss lady, and who is a boss lady?  More importantly, how do you become one? My interpretation of the term is someone who is confident, courageous, intelligent, filled with passion for their work, hustles hard, and absolutely does not quit (and I mean never).

I think many people automatically associate the title boss lady with wealth and status, but I believe the term goes much deeper. The speech pathologist who worked tirelessly to get her masters and now has her dream job doing something that makes a difference is a boss lady! The twenty-one year old young woman finding her way through college, active in three different clubs, managing sixteen credits and working long days as an intern is a boss lady. The stay at home mom who takes care of the entire household, manages all 30 girl scouts after school, and still finds time to go to yoga class is a boss lady. The woman in her late twenties who is traveling the world, and gaining an abundance of life experience is a boss lady. The young actress who made it in Hollywood after everyone told her to give up-yes, she is absolutely a boss lady!

The common denominator among all these women is that they are living as the best version of themselves. Everyone’s goals are different, but no one dream is better than the other. A boss lady definitively knows what her goals are in life, and has the utmost belief in herself to fulfill her purpose. She holds onto her dream and fights for it. She continuously betters herself, educates herself, improves her career, and strives to leave an impact on the world. It is then that I believe she can confidently call herself an empowered BOSS LADY.

So how does one become a boss lady? One of the most important traits is being organized. Below are seven habits that if practiced diligently, will keep you on track to being the best version of your inner boss lady!

1.) Know What Your Goals Are

  • You have to be specific about what you want to achieve. A boss lady knows exactly what she wants. You can see it in her eyes. She has a vision of what she wants to achieve, and it is evident no one is getting in her way. It is the clarity in your goals that will propel you further to success.

2.) Take Daily Actions

  • Did you ever hear the phrase, an overnight success took 15 years? That is because most often it’s true. It takes time to achieve your goals. One must stay organized and take daily actions toward getting closer to your vision. I suggest doing five things a day that will help you move closer to your goals. Multiply those five things a day over the course of a month and over a year and you see how far you go!

3.) Always Keep Your Health In Check

  • If you want to take on the world and achieve great success, you have to take care of your health. Of course, working out keeps your body in shape, but it also creates discipline. Staying disciplined with your fitness will synchronistically help you stay disciplined in other areas of your life. Not to mention, a good workout always clears your mind which allows you to think creatively, and with focus.

4.) Continuously Educate Yourself

  • Just because you technically finished your school years, does not mean you should ever stop learning. Boss ladies are hungry to learn. Jump on any opportunity to enhance your education and improve yourself. Create the habit of reading a little every day, take a class to develop your craft, surround yourself with those who are successful in your field, have meaningful conversations with those you admire, and always be curious. Never lose sight of learning more!

5.) Work Through The Lulls

  • There will be days when you do not want to work, make that extra phone call, or write one last email, but you do it anyway. Push yourself because you know you can do more! Encourage yourself to keep going even on the hardest days. There will be negativity, disappointment and failures, but you have to work through that and keep fighting. A boss lady never gives up. They push through every day until they achieve their goals.

6.) Be Prepared For The Day Ahead

  • You must stay organized. If you are a night person (like me) write your to do list the night before. When you wake up you will have a clear plan of what you need to do. If you are a morning person, take the first 30 minutes of your day to sit down and write out your to do list. By taking the time to write out your goals for the day, and what you need to get done, you will get so much more accomplished than the average person. Another option is to have a weekly to do list. This works great as well! On Sunday write down every single thing you need to get done for the week. When that alarm goes off on Monday, you can hit the ground running with clarity and purpose!  

7.) Find Balance And Happiness In Each Day

  • Know how to have balance every single day. What makes you happy? The happier you are, the more driven and motivated you will be to work hard that day. For example, one thing that instantly puts me in a good mood and helps me power through my day is going to my local Italian cafe and getting a cappuccino. It makes me smile and it is very important to do things every day that bring out your authentic self.
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