Women in Film Forms Committee to Help Female Composers Break into the Industry

The world is a tough place for a woman, in the entertainment business or not.  The advocacy group, Woman in Film is creating a ground breaking program for women who aspire to score music for film with a goal to mentor women and point them in the right direction.

A private party was held on May 7 by Disney executive Kaylin Frank and The Muppet Show composer Ed Mitchell, launching this monumental program. At the party were 100 composers and songwriters, agents, music supervisors and studio executives. Among them were people on the music committee for Women in Film including singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge, producer/actress Rita Wilson, producer Linda Wallem and chaired by music supervisor Tracy McKnight. With names like that, it’s sure to be a success.


In 2015, less than 2 percent of the top 500 films were scored by women. A small leap from 2014’s 1 percent. However, Women in Film hopes to change that by expanding the Women In Film’s mentoring program for female composers and songwriters. They also hope to have showcases highlighting the talent of females in the film industry.

Tracy McKnight told Billboard, “We’re here to start building bridges of opportunity for this community where women are not in the conversation. The goal is to provide support for female composers and songwriters not just in film but all areas.”

Actress/director/producer, Rita Wilson, has always fought for more women in film. Telling Billboard, ” It’s a matter of putting our foot down and saying, ‘I think we’re good’. We have to be consciously aware of [the issue] . That’s why events like this are so good.” As a producer of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wilson fought hard to have Nia Vardalos play lead. Studio’s wanted her recast, even though Vardalos created the character herself.

The most inspiring part of all of this is women in the industry coming together, supporting each other and finally making a difference. Together they can change the usually male dominated industry. We look forward to seeing what the music committee of Women in Film will accomplish.

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