Jessica Rotter Follows Her Creative Flow with ‘Plains’

Jessica Rotter comes from a family of great musicians and songwriters, to say music is in her blood would be an understatement. Her grandfather was a multi-instrument artist who wrote for music legends like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Jessica defies what is expected of a female artist and always follows her creative flow. She has collaborated with many artist including Carole King, Alicia Keys, and took part in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies. Now she’s stepping out on her own with the full length album, ‘Plains.’


“Music is the universal language that never has to be born in us because we are born with it—it’s where we come from and where we’re going. Music is eternal.”

You come from a musical family, is that what made you want to make music?
I’m sure that was part of it. Just being around it influenced me at a very young age. I’m sure that I would have found it organically, even if my family hadn’t been musical.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s funny because it’s one of those you have to figure out as an artist. We’ve started calling it cinematic pop-folk. It’s just what’s coming out of me so I’ve never really thought genre first. Cinematic for sure, I’m a very visual writer.

With your roster of amazing collaborations, it must be hard to choose a favorite.

I think the most fun project I’ve worked on would be the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies. The work we did on those movies was so creative and most versatile thing I’ve done.

What made those movies so fun to work on?

I worked with Harvey Mason Jr, who’s a brilliant producer. We got to be different voices for the “Bella’s” a cappella group and we sang the funniest sounds–beat-boxing, opera parts. It was all very creative.

Is there someone you’d like to work with on one of your albums?

I get asked this a lot and I have a laundry list of people but I really love Jim James. He’s a very versatile musician and I just love what he does. I’ve met him a few times and he seems like a cool guy. So I’d love to work with him some day. I think we would hit it off musically.

Inspiration must come from a lot of places for you.

From everything. A lot of inspiration comes from nature, and of course relationships. A lot has happened in the last 2 years that lead me write songs about myself and how I have wrestled with freedom and love, freedom in love. Loneliness and finding my way. So this album is definitely about finding myself.

Is that what inspired ‘Plains‘?

Yes. It’s about that period of searching and feeling lonely. About feeling lonely inside of a relationship and finding myself outside of it. The reason it’s called ‘Plains’ is because of the visual of vast open space, where you are feeling free yet lonely. Realizing at the end of the day, you have yourself, that part of you that’s always going to keep you going. But you always have people lifting you up. That’s why the album ends with ‘Porch song,’ it’s about how the people around you are there for the simple things.

‘Porch Song’ is an uplifting and positive song.

Right now I connect most with ‘Porch Song.’ I like that it uplifts people and the response it gets in concert. Everyone cries! I want people to feel emotions.

Check out Jessica’s new single ‘Pray for Rain’


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