Kaitlin Is Stronger Than You Know

Kaitlin, a 25-year-old mother to 3-year-old Lola in Texas, is no ordinary mom — she is the 2nd strongest middle weight woman in the world. Katilin’s passion is lifting weights, traveling, and feeling free to conquer her dreams.

When did your passion for fitness – specifically weightlifting – begin? Was it influenced by anything in particular?

KB: I was fat & out of shape! I was lost & didn’t know where to turn. I came across my coach Bryan Barrett on Facebook a year and a half ago. He took me in, broke me down & completely rebuilt me. I think seeing someone believe in me like Bryan did/does fueled my fire to continue to pursue the sport/weightlifting.

Do you feel women who lift are as respected as men in hardcore fitness?

KB: This is a mans sport! When a woman can throw around hundreds of pounds, it’s impressive & there’s a mural athletic respect.
Men, they’re on a completely different level. I think the respect level is completely different. I think for women it comes down to how you carry yourself, how hard you train & how dedicated you truly are. This is a strength sport, not a bikini contest.

“You have to be fearless to have success.”

What is your advice to women who want to get into weightlifting but are too intimidated?

KB: Honestly, just do it. I see so many women turn their head the other direction because they’re scared or the weights are too heavy & they don’t think they can do it. Well, I’m here to tell you, if you put the time and the hard work in — it will come! It’s not an overnight success. You will make PRs weekly & get stronger daily! You just have to have patience.


Who inspires you?

KB: My coach, Bryan Barrett, inspires me. I have never had more respect for a human in my entire life. I strive every day to make better decisions & be a better me because I know he has very high expectations and is watching. Bryan is the reason I’ve come this far!

Follow Kaitlin’s amazing journey on Instagram: @heartofagypsygirl.

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