Fran Hayden : Why Self Love Is So Important

Fran is a body positive activist in the United Kingdom who believes that every single person has the right to discover their own style of body loving goodness.

Fran is the founder of the #IAmHere project – finding the female voice, and is a frequent blogger.

You call yourself a ‘body positive warrior’? How did this take shape and what led you to share your confidence with the masses?

FH: Posting the pictures and words on my social media accounts started out as, almost a therapeutic exercise. I was challenging myself by pushing outside of my comfort zone. I found that my confidence grew the more that I let go of any body preconceptions that I held about my own body, and I soon found that I was free of any body negativity. But then I started receiving messages from women and men saying that I’d changed their lives, that they look to me for inspiration, that I help them on a daily basis, which is undeniably humbling. I hope that I change lives, I want a wider society to realise that body image isn’t something that we should be defined by and we are worth so much more than what we look like.

Why is self love so important — for you personally, and for others?

FH: Self-love is so undeniably important – for me, it gives me the freedom to live without mental chains restricting me. I can do what I want, live how I want to, and BE who I want to be without fear of judgement. I think it is so refreshing to see men and women express self-love, times are changing and a new style of existing in your own skin is here.

“Realise that you have control of your body and mind – don’t just exist, allow yourself to truly live and love. You don’t need permission from anyone to thrive in your own skin.”

Who inspires you?

FH: I’ve learnt that, actually — I inspire myself. But more importantly – the men and women who I see every day overcoming body image obstacles, reaching out for support, sharing their journeys and experiences: those are the people who inspire me.

Follow Fran’s #IamHere project on Instagram: @franhayden.

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