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Malissa is the author and founder of Making Malissa Blog. She is a recently divorced, single working mother. She has struggled with many hardships in her life that include bullying, low self-esteem, and social anxiety.

Although Malissa’s hardships were agonizing, she decided to make a change for herself and her family.

In 2015, she discovered her natural ability to inspire others through the written word and images. Her candid transparency is what sets her apart from other blogs. She has the ability to give a positive spin on negative topics. Her goal is to help those going through a tough transition in their life by sharing her journey on her blog.

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“We all go through things that not many people like to talk about…but I do! It is important to know that you are not alone! You can get through anything and are stronger than you think.”

Who inspires you?

M: My daily interactions with everyday people inspire me the most. People have gone through struggles that many have no clue about. All people want is someone to listen to their story. I open up as much as I can with a person I just met and they tend to reciprocate. I am able to apply their insight to form an inspiring message for the world to see and learn from. Everyone has a voice and holds the power to positively change the life of someone in need.

Follow Malissa’s inspiring journey on her blog, Making Malissa.

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