Nora Ephron wants you to be the heroine of your life


How are you a heroine in your life?

You might know Nora Ephron as the director of classic rom-coms like ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ , but it’s her focus on strong female characters that brought to light feminism in film.

Ephron broke the stereotype that movies about women can’t succeed. That women can’t be funny. And that we need a men to save us in life. What made her movies different was just that, the women were their own hero. They also weren’t the typical “thin, pretty, white” and even “straight” women usually written into films. ‘Silkwood’ is a great example of this with the character Dolly Pelliker. Her characters showed what it was like to be a real women, in the real world. She felt being the heroine in your life was feminism.

Ephron died in June 2012, leaving behind quite a legacy.

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